Tony R. Milne


I am the Campaign Director of the Campaign for Australian Aid leading the fight for more and better aid in order to help end global poverty and hunger, reduce inequalities and tackle climate change.

I was previously the National Manager of Public Health for the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand leading public campaigns to reduce the number of and harm from gambling machines.  The public health campaign to prevent gambling harm in NZ is a real success story; reducing pokie machine numbers from over 26,000 in 2004 to just over 16,000 in 2015.

My campaign experience working on issues from the New Zealand Civil Union and Marriage Equality campaigns, through to volunteering for the Barack Obama campaign in Pennsylvania in 2008 led me to write a campaign guide called "How to Run and Win Issue-based Campaigns - A Simple 10 Step Plan".  I have presented this as workshops across Australian and New Zealand empowering progressive groups and organisations to take on powerful interests.

I am driven by values of fairness and social justice and using my time, energy and skills to work to support and harness people power to create the better world we have the potential to be.

I have an honours degree in English and Political Science, spent five years working for Labour MPs and Ministers in New Zealand; and nine years working in the health, addictions and social services sector.

I am active on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instragram.



“Tony R. Milne is a man of great integrity. He cares passionately about people. He works tirelessly to ensure the best possible future for all: the old, the young, those with a lot of resources and those with little” - Mary Richardson, Executive Director of the Christchurch Methodist Mission.

“Tony is a young man with real political potential. Motivated by social justice, he is skilled in media, issues based campaigning and the nuances of political decision-making. Tony has a strong work ethic and sound values coupled with a clever mind. He will serve his community and country well” - Graeme Ramsey, CEO Problem Gambling Foundation.


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